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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vet Visit...Oh Boy

Last Friday I had to go to the vet to get neutered. That was not so fun. I do have a slight eye infection though in which the humans have to put ointment in my eye twice a day to make it better. My bottom eyelid does not form to my eye quite like it should so it allows dirt, pollen, etc. to get in there and cause an infection. The vet said she hopes I will grow out of it.

When I was finished with my surgery, the vet glued the area back together. I got to come home the same day. Our vet lets us come home the same day with some pain medicine and activity instructions. I am not in any pain which is good, but my mom still gives me my pain medicine to be sure. A day or two after my surgery, I messed with my incision area and opened it back up.
Since I keep messing with my incision area, I have to wear a cone on my head. I had to go have the area glued back together on Tuesday. At 6 o'clock that afternoon when my mom got home from babysitting, she noticed that I had already gotten the area back open again. This time she decided to leave the area open but watch me very closely to make sure that that particular area does not become infected.

I keep running into everything with the cone on my head because I can't see to the side. It gets stuck on some things when I am going around the house, but I can always get free when I back up and try again. It is loose enough where I will not be strangled. Mom and dad make sure I am safe from any harm with the cone on my head.

I need to be calm for the next week or two while the area heals....that's a hard thing for a Vizsla to do. We have tons and tons of energy to expel and staying in one spot is not our thing. If you know a Vizsla, you know what I mean.

Will keep you posted,

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  1. Those cones are no fun -- hang in there! Here's to quick recovery!