Cameron at the beach (ignore the date on the photo)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Long Time no Blog

Cameron's raiser here,

Cameron got back from his puppy camp on March 11th. Legion got to stay with us for another day and he and Cameron had so much fun playing together. We went to a flea market outing that Saturday where we handed off Legion to our Area Coordinator. We do miss Legion being in our home but are very happy to have Cameron back. I do miss him a lot when he is away.

Cameron is back to his usual self and normal life (babysitting, playing with Bristol, and constantly doing things to get attention). While on puppy camp, he got to meet horses, go to horse shows, do presentations, and even go to school with Legion's raiser. She teaches young kids and they all loved meeting Cameron.

Cameron has come a long way in his training (if you know him, you know what I am talking about). He used to be out of control it seemed, but he is slowly calming down. I am pleased with his progress. I am hoping that he will be ready when the time comes for him to return to the guide dog school. We shall see when the time us upon us.

Yes it has been a while since Cameron has updated his blog. Since he last wrote, my daughter turned a year old and Cameron enjoyed the birthday party. He did very well.

Yours truly,
Cameron's mom

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Legion here,

I am blogging in Cameron's place for the time being. I got here on Sunday and am loving his house. I am having tons of fun playing with Bristol and she is having just as much fun playing with me. Cameron's puppy raisers love me too. I am getting some good exposures here. Cameron's mom is letting me help her with watching her nieces and nephew, and her own daughter of course. They are just my size so we almost see eye to eye...literally. They like to run around the house and play and so do I! I do not get to go to work with either of Cameron's raisers, but he doesn't either. Wish we could though. It would be fun.

I am excited about getting to go with Cameron's mom tomorrow to watch the kids at their house. They have a little dog for me to play with and keep me company while I am there. After we are finished there, we will probably go to town and run some errands. It sounds like it is going to be fun.

Love from Legion

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pictures of Cameron at the Beach 2/26-2/28, 2010

The view of the other side of the hotel from our balcony.

The roof of the pool area of our hotel.

Cameron on the beach watching the seagulls.

He is focused. This is one of my favorites.

Yes, it is bright out here.

Cameron and Daniel running down the beach.

and again...


and go...

'Now what?'

Looking at the seagulls.

Another one of my favorites.

The seagulls.

Cameron is a little unsure of the pool are at first but quickly adjusts.

Cameron smelling Daniel as he swims to the edge of the pool.

Beach Weekend

Cameron's mom here to tell you all about our beach weekend. I have to start by bragging on my little boy because he did so good staying in a hotel for the first time and for his first trip to the beach. Here is a recap of our weekend. It will be a little long probably so sit tight and bear with me:

Friday: We started our weekend by packing and getting ready while babysitting. We left our house around 3:30 p.m.(with a full car load including me, my husband, our daughter, Cameron, and luggage) and arrived at our hotel (The Landmark) about 7:15 p.m. It usually does not take us this long to get down to the beach from our house, but we took a detour. Oh well, at least we made it down there in one piece. We checked in to our room and finished settling in and then we decided to explore the hotel and see what there was for all of us to get in to. My mother and father-in-law were already there waiting for us. We went down to the indoor pool area and sat there watching my husband and other people swim until the pool closed at 11:00 p.m.

Cameron in our room that night


We started off the day by taking a stroll on the beach early in the morning. Cameron and I sat with my mother-in-law in the dining room while she ate her breakfast. Cameron received a lot of compliments from the other guests because he was being so good laying under the table just like he is supposed to. He was very calm. We went back up to our room for a little bit, changed and went back to the pool for a couple of hours. After the nice swim and relaxing hot tub, we all decided it was nap time. We slept for a couple of hours then decided to go to the mall that was nearby and shop for a little bit. After shopping, we went out to eat at Golden Corral. Man that was good food and plenty of it! Back to the pool...again! Cameron went with us for a little bit until my husband took him back to the room so we could swim together and my father-in-law took Dixie back to their room. She was getting very sleepy in the warm pool. Dixie cried a little from being changed and Cameron could hear her next door and started barking. He knew that was his baby and he didn't like to hear her cry! He quit barking when he was told to and settled down until we got back to the room. Saturday was very busy and we were ready to go to bed when we did.


Today we have to go home. It is not only the end of the weekend, but also my husband's birthday (well it's actually the 29th but there is no 29th this year). We went out this morning to feed the birds before we had to leave. Cameron and my husband got to run down the beach for a little bit and burn off some of that energy. We finished that and then got all of our stuff packed and in the cars and left the hotel on our 3-hour journey home. Of course we had to stop and get gas and then stop a little later to get something to eat. We got home around 3:30, stayed for about 45 minutes or so and then had to leave again so we could go meet Anne, Legion's mom, and switch dogs for puppy camp. We did a little bit of shopping and then visited my parents for a little bit.

Yes, this was a very busy weekend! We are tired! We had a great time, though. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, every single time we rode in an elevator, Cameron would go to the back wall to see if he could see out. One elevator had glass walls so you could see outside the hotel as you went up and down. Cameron loved to watch the cars go by on the highway as we rode in the elevator. I am very proud of him and how well-behaved he was. He is starting to calm down.

Now, I hope that didn't bore you to death. We all had a great weekend and now Cameron is on puppy swap for a week. I know he is having fun at Anne's house.

More pictures will be posted in the next post. There are a lot.