Cameron at the beach (ignore the date on the photo)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cameron is Back!

Mom here,

Here is an update from the time I last blogged: We went to the beach with my family and had a great time. Spunky and Bristol enjoyed the beach. Bristol enjoyed that water quite a bit more than Spunky. She loves to swim, but Spunky, on the other hand, would much rather watch from a safe distance from the water. Spunky sat with my dad at our spot on the beach and occupied him while the babies were sitting in his lap.

Over the weekend while we were at the beach, I noticed Spunky had developed a limp. I had not noticed him doing anything strenuous or playing too rough with Bristol, so I am not sure what happened. When we got home, his limp got a little worse and he had to go home early (Tuesday) so he could go to the doctor the next day. The verdict is possible soft tissue damage. Not sure how that happened but he seems to be doing better. I guess it is bed rest for this poor guy.

I was guide dog-less until Sunday when Cameron came home. I went to see some puppies Sunday morning, went to a wedding after that, and then went to pick up Cameron from my Area Coordinator. Cameron went on the Spencer Train Ride earlier that day and I have reports saying that he did great! I am so proud of my little boy! I wish I could have seen him on the train. He is maturing a lot and is an excellent puppy when he is working. I mean, he is good at home, but is fantastic when his coat is on. I am so happy to have him back! I missed him a lot! I also have reports that the puppy raiser that had Cameron on the swap absolutely fell in love with him. It was said that he did great and behaved himself. That just makes me squirm with excitement when I hear things like this about my dogs! makes me think I am doing something right....hehe

Cameron is still his normal goofy self, but is so grown up when I need him to be. Last night, I had the baby-gate down that was at my bedroom door and Cameron was missing for a few minutes or so, so I went to check on him and make sure he wasn't on my bed, guess where he was....on his blanket beside my bed, curled up and waiting for me to come to bed. I have a fluffy, green blanket on the floor beside my bed for him to sleep on that is where he stays during the night. It is his favorite spot. He gets to sleep on something soft, out of the kennel, and close to me, what more could he want?

He continues to surprise me and many different ways. I hope that one day he will surprise me in the ultimate way that he could, and that is, becoming a guide dog. He is a very sweet and smart boy, so he should do fine. I think I have a while left with him (February at the latest) so we will continue to work on the areas that are a little difficult for him (food scavenging, and getting on the bed/furniture). We shall see how everything works out.


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