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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wagfest/Puppy Camp

Cameron's raiser here,

This past Saturday (May 1st), our group had an even that we attended in Stanly County. It is called Wagfest and it benefits the Humane Society and Animal Rescue League in Stanly County, but we were invited to come out and set up our own booth for people interested in puppy raising. We did a demonstration of our puppy obedience and we walked the trail that was marked for all the dogs that attended. Locals brought out their dogs to celebrate and there were dogs and puppies of all sizes and breeds up for adoption. There were games to play with your dog, plenty of food, and things to buy for your perfect pooch, or in my case, pooches.

It was a very hot day. Also on this day, we had another puppy camp that was starting up. Cameron has gone to another puppy raiser family that lives on Winston-Salem and we have a pup from Concord, I believe, who is named Spunky. Spunky is, well, spunky. He certainly lives up to his name. He is a black Lab who is very sweet and a little shy at times. He likes to play with the baby, my nieces and nephew, and of course Bristol and Biscuit. Spunky is almost 9 months old and has a lot of energy, but that is just fine with us. We are used to it, given we have two Vizslas who never seem to slow down. If you know one, you know what I am talking about.

Puppy camp will end on May 16th at out next meeting which is the Spencer Train Ride. At this time, we will trade dogs back. I will not be attending this meeting because I have a wedding to go to but I will be making other arrangements to get Cameron back home and Spunky to his home.

In other news, Legion, the pup we had on last puppy camp has been career changed due to hip displaysia (not sure if I spelled that right). He had a slight nick in one of his joints that was causing his limp and it is only corrected through surgery. Legion would not be able to work as a guide dog with this medical condition so I guess it is better to have him taken out of the program early rather than later. His brother Rudy, who is also in our group, has been career changed a while back due to the same condition. I think Rudy's condition was a bit more severe than Legion's. We still have the two girls from the same litter who are still going strong and that is Riley-Jack (the pup we had on the first puppy camp) and Sandy. So far so good for them. We found out that they will be called IFT sometime in September. Wish them luck for us.

Later now,

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Legion & Rudy. :(

    Enjoy Spunky while you have him! Alfie's got a swap coming up too.