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Friday, July 16, 2010

Florida-bound on Monday

Cameron here,

A new raiser, her husband, brother, mom and I will all be Florida-bound on Monday to pick up two new babies Wednesday morning. Now you are probably wondering what we are going to be doing in the meantime...the answer is vacation!!!! Oh mom is so ready to go. I can see it now, we will be soaking up the Florida sun and havin' some fun!

Mom may take the new raisers to the school and show them around during the puppy hugging and dog walking sessions. They will get to see the campus and play with the pups while I wait for them back at the hotel. I don't think current puppies-in-training are allowed to attend these events. Too much can happen if a couple of dogs get out of hand and things can be passed on from the big dogs to the babies in the puppy kennel, and that just would not be good for anyone. Waiting in the hotel is fine with me, I will get to sleep in a bit before we start a busy day having some fun.

I am so glad to get to go on this trip with mom because I love her so much. I should be a pro at riding down to Florida by the time I have to go IFT. I will get to show the little babies how to ride like a top dog. I can teach them a thing or two about guide dog work.

Did I mention that I am starting to work in the harness now? Our group has two harnesses and we pups get to start practicing in them when we turn a year old. It helps us adjust to the way it feels before we go IFT. It's kind of like a head start. I don't mind the actual body part of the harness, but the handle bouncing on my back is something else to get used to. It is a very different feeling from the coat which is what I am used to. I will have to get accustomed to wearing it if I want to be a guide dog. The harness will be my new uniform when I go IFT. Until then, this is just a little bit of practice before I go back. I will go back into my coat in a few weeks.

Prayer request: Please keep my sponsors in your thoughts and prayers as they are going through some medical issues at this time. I am so glad the world of medicine has grown in the way that it is has. Most procedures are simple nowadays.

I think that about covers it for the night. It's about bedtime I do believe.

Puppy love from,


  1. That's cool about the harness. Actually I just found out that GDF made their coats to come all the way down the dogs back for the exact reason, they found that a lot of the dogs had issues with the harness handle, so having the coat on there back is sort of is like what you guys are doing with the harness.

  2. Yes you are right about the coats. Our blue coats actually come all the way down our backs as well, the baby coats do not. Yes it does get us used to something constantly touching us while we walk. It's a good idea to condition us to the feeling.