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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pictures/4th of July/Birthday

These are the pictures that mom took of my face at the Intimidators game.

Mom had a surprise for me a week ago. She had my pictures professionally made at PetSense (pet store near our home) and they are so good. She can hardly wait to order the pictures. She had all of our pictures made actually but this event was more for me than anyone else. She never had the chance to do this with her other two puppies, so she decided to do this with me. If you would like to view the pictures, go to: and go to the Events gallery, click on PetSense, and scroll over until you get to the pictures that start with me in my puppy coat. Our pictures end when the Vizsla pictures are done. Mom is proud of them.

On another note, I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July! I skipped out on the fireworks due to the school not wanting us to develop fears of loud noises. We must be exposed to loud noises, but firework shows are a bit too much for some dogs and can cause them to develop fears which are almost impossible to break. Why would a raiser want to take a chance of ruining their dog because of this?

Birthday, did someone say birthday? Why yes, it is my birthday!!! I am now officially 1 year old, along with all of my siblings. Happy Birthday to my sisters, Cheyanne and Katie of Georgia, my brother Apollo of Texas, and all the rest. My mom is not sure what my three other siblings' names are or where they live, but wishes them a very Happy Birthday just the same! I am sending a lot of puppy hugs and kisses their way! I will see them soon when we all go IFT sometime in between November and February.

Anything else??? Ummm....can't think of anything else, so I guess that covers it.

Lots of Love,

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