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Friday, August 20, 2010

Meeting Last Night

I went to my puppy meeting last night and it was a lot of fun minus all the rain. At least we were indoors during the rough storm that we had.

We practiced our regular obedience training and then we worked on some other things like recalls. I did not get to work with mom as everyone had traded dogs at this meeting.

When it was time for my recall, mom had to go out of the room because I would not go to the person that was calling me, I went straight to her. Mom couldn't help but laugh at me even though she knew I was not going to come to the person that was calling me. When she left the room the first time, I looked for her when I was called but I went to the person that was calling me. Mom was hiding in the bathroom and I saw her go in there but I could not find her when I went in that direction, and from that point forward, I did fine without her. What can I say? I love my mom!

When the meeting was over, it was pouring outside and lightning too! It was a rough storm. The power blinked while we were inside. We decided to head home carefully and we all made it here in one piece. The storm kept going for a couple more hours. The power even blinked at our house, but at least we were indoors where it is safe and dry! Thank goodness for houses.

I think that is all for now...

Love Cameron

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