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Thursday, September 9, 2010

IFT News

Mom has gotten some news for me...I am going IFT in November! It is time for me to start this next chapter in my life on my own. I hope I do well. Mom thinks I am ready, so I believe her. The IFT dates for November are the 15th-18th. Spunky, a younger male lab, is also going IFT at the same time I am so mom will be taking us both back to the school then. I am ready to go, but I don't want to leave my mom. My mom will be getting another puppy when I go in, if there are some available, and she already knows his name..Wayne. The sponsor for Hugh has requested at the guide dog school that she raise his next puppy named in honor of his brother. She is excited for me to move forward in my training, but also for a new little bundle of fur to work with.

On another note, I got to go to the puppy obedience class today for the little ones in the group. Laura and I were both there to show SNAP and CW the ropes and to also serve as a distraction. Since Laura will be going IFT in October and I will be going IFT in November, every little bit of practice we can get in between now and then is good practice! We had a new raiser join us for the meeting and she got to work with me. I was still very focused on my momma, but I did pretty good for her. It was a good meeting though.

I will be going on a puppy swap for a little bit pretty soon to get some of my attachment for my momma out of my system, but I won't be gone long since she wants to spend some time with me before I go in. Spunky will be here in my place.

I think that is all for now and it is time for bed.



  1. Oh boy! I hear rumours that Pompei will be going IFT in November as well :((((

  2. Yay! A new friend for me, perhaps? After me and Spunky go in and our group gets some puppies, our group will be nothing but babies. Will you raise again? I bet Pompei is excited!