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Friday, September 17, 2010

Vet This Morning

Hello there,

Mom took me to the vet this morning like she said she would and had the doctor look at my eye. He said it looked okay today, as far as any bad medical issues go, and gave mom some drops to put in my eye twice a day until it gets better. They also gave me my new rabies vaccine (3 year) a little early so I don't have to come back in in a couple of weeks and have that done. I didn't mind getting the shot, though.

I was a little nervous going into the vet office today, I guess it was because I don't go there often and there are so many other dog smells that had me a little distracted, but nonetheless, I did fine. Mom got me on the scale and guess how much I weigh.....50.6 pounds! I am lean and healthy! That's what mom wanted to see. Of course, I have never been a heavy pup.

I will be going to the festival in the morning with our group. Mom has never been, so it will be a first for her and for me. I bet it is going to be exciting....I am ready to go. There will be lots of smells and people, so it should be fun and challenging all at the same time.

Well, we better get some sleep so we can be there at 10:00 when the meeting is supposed to start.

Goodnight all,

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