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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did You See That?...No Probably Not

Hello there,

Tonight's Obedience Training meeting was very interesting and well thought out. We started off the evening by doing our regular obedience training but with a twist: we had used exposures that were never done before. One of our puppy raisers conducted the meeting instead of our Area Coordinator and she had some very good ideas about things we should work on.

We had a soft dog bed cover to walk over in the grass, a squeak toy laying on the ground to walk by, a bowl of treats to walk by, and a couple of wet trash bags to walk over. We had never used the wet trash bags before and this is not something I and a couple of others were sure of. For one thing, one of them was black and the second thing is that they were both wet. When we were all walking around in a circle past the items, I tried jumping over the bags or going way around them to avoid touching them....I wasn't the only one which means this is something we all need to work on. I wasn't sure about the dog bed cover laying on the ground until I realized that it was soft and pleasant to walk over, then I liked it. After walking around a little and incorporating OT into the mix of it all, we had to sit at/on each I still did not want to sit on the wet bags, but that's okay, I just need to work on it. We decided to move onto another part of the training after that which was doing puppy push-ups over popcorn and cat food that was scattered all over the sidewalk. It was difficult to focus, but we did it!

We cleaned up the food outside and then it was time for our surprise for the meeting....blindfold time! Mom and all the other puppy raisers were blindfolded. They all had to put our coats on blindfolded and were led inside by a person who was not to the table where they were all going to eat. This is a blindfold dinner where each raiser gets the chance to see what it is like to be blind and they have to eat that way navigating with their hands and being given directions by someone else as to where everything is located. Blind people use the clock method where every item is placed at a time position, for example: beans at 9 o'clock, bread at 6 o'clock, etc. All of us dogs/puppies did great laying under the tables like we were supposed to waiting for our raisers to finish. Everyone ate and carried on conversations for a while and then were allowed to remove their blindfolds. I think they really liked that part.

Mom made a cake for dessert which had all of the dogs' names on it that are going IFT soon: In October it will be Sandy, Riley-Jack, Ranger, and Laura; November it will be me and Spunky. It was a pretty cake and everyone liked it.

Mom found out today that the puppies will be available November 2nd, so we will be making the trip to Florida soon. That means I will be going in early most likely.

Here is a picture of the cake:

It was already inside the cake box but hopefully you can see it.

I will post a video of the dinner later.

Good night all.


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