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Friday, September 25, 2009

First Puppy Meeting

I got to go to my very first puppy obedience meeting last night in New London, North Carolina. We meet at a church and this is where our obedience meetings are conducted.

I got to practice walking up and down the sidewalk while traffic was going by and I wasn't even scared. Then, my puppy raiser and I practiced going up and down stairs and ramps. She is teaching me to sit each time when I come to stairs and when I get to the top/bottom of the stairs. It wasn't hard to do. I also got to be the distraction while the big dogs practiced down-stays and walked around food bowls with food in them.

I had fun and really enjoyed getting to see the puppies I had already met and meeting new ones. There are a lot of puppies in our group. There is Hugh, Duchess, Dexter, Dave, Riley-Jack, Legion, Sandy, Rudy, and of course,me, Cameron.

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