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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hugh's last meeting

We just got home not long ago from our monthly obedience training meeting which was also Hugh's last meeting before he goes in-for-training. We practiced some obedience to start off with like we normally do except with a couple of guests today who were observing us for their senior projects in school. To be honest, I think they picked the best project to do. What could be better than learning about guide dogs? We practiced walking up and down metal stairs, which I was scared of to start off with. My mom worked with me a little more on this and I am starting to become more comfortable with the sound and the movement that they make. She gave me lots of praise when I didn't seem so afraid.

We had a small celebration honoring Hugh, Duchess, Dexter, and Dave. Actually, it was Hugh's Duchess', Dexter's, and Dave's last meeting. They are getting ready to go to K-9 College with their major being guide dog work. They had pictures taken with a graduation cap and gown. They all looked very good in it. Then they had pictures taken with each other.

There was also a celebration us (the smaller children) for completing puppy kindergarten. We got certificates and had our pictures taken with a cap and tassel on our head. We little children were not sure what to think of having something on our head AND having something dangling from it. Of course I had to bite at it, I am a puppy, what do you expect? Mom had to hold it on my head so I would stay still long enough for someone to take my picture.

We had a good time at the meeting. I only have a week and a half left with my brother so I am going to make the most of it. I will miss him and I know that he will miss me too.

Here are some pictures from our meeting tonight:

This is Duchess in her cap and gown.

This is Dexter in his cap and gown.

Hugh in his cap and gown.

We are so tired. I will post more pictures very soon. I can barley hold my eyes open. I have been a busy puppy. Need to get some rest now.

Puppy love,

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