Cameron at the beach (ignore the date on the photo)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

River Walk in Danville, VA

Yesterday my mother, Hugh, and I all traveled to Danville, Virginia for a guide dog meeting. It was all of our's first trip to Virginia. One of the puppy raisers in the group lives in that area and we all decided to have a meeting up there. It was a long trip for a pup (about 2 1/2 hours) but I handled it very well and so did Hugh. He is used to riding though.

When we arrived, it was time to relieve and get our coats on and be ready to work. There was a farmer's market that we got to go in and see what all kinds of goodies the people have brought in to sell that day. There were a lot of people who were asking about us and admiring our cute little puppy faces. They were all amazed at how well we all behaved.

After the farmer's market closed at noon, we decided to do a little obedience training before we went on a walk. On the walk, we went over a wooden bridge, saw some traffic below when we got to the end of the bridge, then we walked down a wooden ramp and a concrete sidewalk to get to a lake where there were geese and ducks swimming. They were making lots of noises. I have never seen geese and ducks before so this was something new for me. After we alked back up the sidewalk and bridge, we went back to our cars where we drove to a bagel shop and we all ate lunch together.

The bagel shop had a few people in there who loved to see all of us. They asked questions about the program and were very happy to have us there. Our puppy raisers ate lunch on the patio outside while we little ones took a little nap. After everyone had finished their meals, we all departed home.

The trip home didn't seem to take as long. I slept almost the whole way. I was a tired puppy and I think Hugh was too! We had an exciting day. We all had a great day.

Puppy Licks,


  1. Well done little boy.

    lots of love
    Toby the Teengager

  2. Hi Cameron! It's nice to meet you. I'm very proud of you for representing the breed as a Guide Dog, and it sounds like you are doing a great job. Big thanks to your puppy parents for all that they do!


  3. Thank you very much, Toby and Laila. Not many people know about this breed. My mom loves our breed. She has another Vizsla at home that is her pet. My mom says I do a great job.

    Thank you,