Cameron at the beach (ignore the date on the photo)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Meeting a Southeastern Guide Dog Trainer

On October 17th, we had a very special guest coming to the Charlotte area. Her name is Karen Mersereau. She came up to our region to give us some training tips and boy they were good. She provided a Q & A session where we could ask her any question we wanted in which she gave great answers to. Helpful advice always comes in handy. We all had lots of laughs during the meeting and, of course, and enjoyed seeing each other again.

I got to make a few new friends that day, too. I'll show you who they are:

Top is Rebecca and her puppy, Rocky. Bottom is Kukla, Hugh's sister, in her harness.

Top is Cassidy. Bottom is Duchess (a different Duchess).

Top is Me, of course. Bottom is Brother Hugh.

Top is Toby. Bottom is Duchess (Hugh's sister).

Top is trainer, Karen and new baby to my group, Laura. Bottom: Hugh, Kukla, and Duchess all together.

Rocky, Cassidy, Duchess, and Toby are all siblings. This is the last meeting where Hugh and Duchess will see Kukla until they all return to the guide dog school for their formal harness training.

Hope you enjoy.

Puppy love,