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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Extreme Ice Center Meeting/Puppy Camp

Our January 9th meeting was held at Extreme Ice center in Indian Trail, North Carolina. At this meeting we practiced obedience training before we went inside (sit-stays, forward, dog distractions, left-left, right-right, and right-about). Both the Charlotte group and our group were there so we got to see some old friends. When we got inside, there were lots of people around us. Some wearing skating shoes, some people eating, mingling, and there were even people playing hockey in the rink that was the closest to us (we could see them through the glass).

After everyone got situated, we went into the small ice rink to play. Yes, we got to go out on the ice. Some for our first time and some of the other pups were more experienced. It was a lot of fun. We took some pictures and the really experienced skaters took us for a run on the ice.

After we played for a short time, it was time to leave and go to my new home for the duration of puppy camp. I get to go to the mountains. It sounds like I am going to have a great time playing in the snow and getting to go to work everyday. In my place, Riley-Jack will be blogging for me while she is at my house for puppy camp. She will be telling you all about her adventures. Hope you enjoy. Take it away, Riley-Jack.....


Love, Cameron

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  1. It was fun seeing you Cameron, you sure have grown!!

    You did very good on the ice,
    Have fun doing your puppy camp!

    Toby's Trainer (Raiser)
    SEGDI Raiser