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Monday, January 18, 2010

My First Week

Riley-Jack here again,

My first week here in this home has flown by. It has been full of different things to do. I have helped babysit young kids, look after the raiser's baby, play with their dogs and cats, go outdoors to play with the humans, and travel to different stores with the humans whenever they go out. They love me so much. It has rained the other day and it is still a little muddy outside but today was nice so we got to go out and play. I ran around and watched Bristol catch a frisbee. Boy she loves that toy and she is a good catcher, too! I am a happy girl in this home.

I have become quite attached to Cameron's mom. I look for her whenever she leaves and I follow her throughout the house. She gives me lots of attention. Always smiling and greeting me with an always happy, "hello, Riley-Jack". If she leaves the room, I sit behind the baby gate and wait for her to return. Sometimes she even throws the Kong for me inside the house. When it is time to rest, I will lay at her feet until she is ready to get up. I love this home.

I am having a great time.


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