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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Congratulations, Hugh!

Mom has received word today from the Area Coordinator for our group and found out that Hugh, my big brother, was matched! Puppy Raiser Day for him will be next Saturday in Palmetto, FL where we are from. She is planning on attending this event. She wouldn't miss it for the world. She is hoping that while she is there, she will get to meet my sponsors. Cross your fingers that we can work something out. Mom will get to meet the person that Hugh is matched with and will get to tell them all about Hugh. Mom is super thrilled about Hugh's news and getting to meet his new team-mate.

Mom has also found out that Dave's, Hugh's brother, match did not work out so he has been sent back In-For-Training but he is class ready. Maybe his perfect team-mate will be at the school soon and he will get matched.

Congratulations, Hugh. We love you very much and wish you the best of luck in your career as a guide dog!