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Friday, April 2, 2010

Yard Improvements

Today has been a very fun day! I have spent most of the day outside running around and playing with other dogs. I really loved getting to do that! It was decently warm but not unbearable. It was around 90 degrees.

I helped my mom babysit today. She iced a practice cake that she is doing for a wedding rehearsal dinner. It is a tuxedo cake. The real cake is going to look good, I can already tell. I sat at her feet while she did that and a little while later, we all got to go outside and play for a couple of hours. My mom's family has several other dogs that are all very friendly and I got to chase them around the yard, then they chased me. I made sure to stay close to my mom, though. She keeps a good eye on me and i do the same for her.

After babysitting time was over, we went home. Mom was going to go with her mother-in-law to pick up some flowers so she can start a flower bed. I stayed home while they went out. I was ready to take a break for a while. I wouldn't have minded going with them, but a catnap sounded great to me.

When mom returned, she had some beautiful flowers in the bed of the truck. She has all different kids and they look pretty interesting. I know the flower bed is going to look great. I may not be able to see all of the colors of the flowers, but I know they will be pretty when they are fully bloomed.

in addition to planting the flowers, mom needed to mow/weed-eat the grass inside the fence. It was getting a little taller than it needed to be. Bristol and I decided to play inside the fence while she worked, I even walked straight up to the weed-eater trying to sniff it, but I was warned not to do that, so I quickly changed my mind.

Mom did not have enough daylight to get her flowers planted, so she will do that tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow, she will get to visit her grandma in the hospital.

He grandma is doing better. She still has trouble every now and then remembering where she is but she is reminded. She has a successful surgery putting two shunts in her skull to help with the swelling. She will need time to fully recover. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.


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