Cameron at the beach (ignore the date on the photo)

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I want to start off by saying mom and dad plus their parents got 75% of the yard improvements done today. They all worked hard together while Bristol and I ran around the yard. It was so much fun to get outdoors for a while even if you are working. Mom got her flowerbeds made up and mulched and she put mulch around the trees in the yard to make them look landscaped. Next project: to finish filling up the pool and cleaning it really good for the summer and mulching the entire fenced-in area where she lets me and Bristol run.

Mom is boiling eggs to dye for Easter. She is going to make a few different colors. She says this is an Easter tradition. I bet they would taste yummy. Guess I will have to take her word for it. That is okay. I think I would much rather watch her.

Hope you all have a happy and safe Easter,

P.S. Mom wanted to me to share the news about Hugh's brother, Dave. He has just been matched with a blind or visually impaired person! That is fantastic! Mom got to keep Dave for a couple of days and took him back to the guide dog school when it was time for he and Hugh to return. She loved him. He was a very nice dog. He will make a great guide.

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