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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Meeting

Cameron here,

Mom and I went to my last meeting today. I got to see some of the puppy raisers for the last time before I go IFT. They gave me a lot of loving and wished me luck. It was a pretty good meeting where we learned two new things: Watch-Watch which is where the puppy raiser will stop at an object that is hanging in the way of our path (I can fit under it but my raiser cannot), make us sit, and will tell us to 'watch-watch' while touching the object and then leading us around he object; and Forward-Straight which is used at an intersection when we are crossing. It seems pretty simple.

We practiced walking down a sidewalk and using the new techniques. We listened to one of the puppy raisers speak about what else she had learned at the AC conference not long ago. We moved into the building to continue our meeting since it had gotten dark and we practiced walking past each other without being distracted. There were only three of us puppies at this meeting (Spunky is in VA with the raiser that had me for a couple of weeks) me, SNAP, and CW. I did really good passing the two pups and not getting distracted. Mom was proud of me and our AC gave me praise and said that I was ready to go! That is good news!

We will leave next Friday morning really early for the long journey down to Florida. I can't believe my time here with mom and dad is almost up. I will be reunited with my siblings. It has been a long time since I have seen any of them. It should be fun. Wish Spunky and me luck at the guide dog school. :)

Here are some pictures of me and mom at my last meeting:

I am all dressed for Halloween

I wait patiently while SNAP walks by. She was so hyper but it was funny.

Me and mom.


CW and his raiser. (CW is SNAP's brother)

Mom and I listening to a puppy raiser speaker.

Wish me luck next week as I start a new chapter in my life....


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